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As I put on my mask over my nose and mouth,
may my voice comfort and may my every breath be in Your devotion.
As I put on my face shield to protect my eyes,
may I see You in all of Your creation.
As I slip on my gown, may your Mercy wrap around me and give me courage
When I wash my hands, may they be cleansed of fear and doubt
As I put on my gloves, may my hands remain steady and healing.
Protect me, God, so I may take care of others.

For all those who are gearing up for battle.

This is titled, “Healer.”

Description: Giclée on archival watercolor paper.

Paper description: 300 gsm, 100% cotton, acid free, textured, 1 inch border. Each piece is individually signed.

Kindly note: may take 2-4 weeks to deliver depending on the volume of orders. Thank you for your patience.